A Gap!

10011881004_b001078db1_oLast night you broke up with him who was once your soul mate. Arguments’ ending with no solution rather than hard-word “break” is the consequence why you really need to put a full-stop to your relationship status. Changing your relationship status, on-off chemistry, sidelined communication and fights is what we all don’t expect from life. Live a life like a long-bash party but we hardly think about it. After you had a break-up and after you announce it publicly, you’re filled with proposals and people are ready to start another inning with you. But are you sure that ending relationship and starting a new one is so easy. For me, you need a break from this hustle-bustle, build a gap and enjoy life at its fullest. It’s not mandatory for a person to be always with someone who makes them fill complete. For sake of your soul, take a break, decline all proposals and say no to elements that hurts you.

Why is it necessary? Just because you need a shoulder to cry on or portray yourself as a lonely girl on the earth, you don’t have to stick with something for the heck of it.  Take a break! You need it most. So what’s your plan-of-action to bring that long-lost smile back? We got hooked with someone and we leave our friends out of our happiness frame, just to give best possible time to him. It’s time for reunion, outings, making new pals and night outs. Don’t sob for the pity things that went away, stand upright and be happy. A friend of mine, who did everything for patch-up but all efforts went in vain. What was left in the end? You need time to heal everything and it’s the right time that could be used for other different things, which gives you comfort and makes you fill content. One of my fellow friends asked me why we take a gap before we start a new relationship. Time to make a new dream list! If you take a gap, have fun with friends and love what you do, you keep yourself away from boredom. You’re your own secret machine. It is tedious for heart to develop feelings for someone, love them and make love. Your heart might need a break from stupid feelings banging you again and again. Smile and move on!

Patch-up is the solution? If you’re immersing effort to get him back then I guess you should stop trying. If he loves you, he’ll get back to you at any cost but things are not falling in place, you’re not the one to be cursed for. Perhaps, it’s a waste of time and effort to think about patch-up. Love-life is not always the talk of the town. Why is it necessary for you to come in relationship so early? Is he moving on, you have to do the same? What if the new relationship sucks as earlier? What if your heart has actually denied welcoming anyone in your life? This might be negative aspects, and ending and starting connection all depends on you. But giving your heart a chance to rest and brain to speak and act wouldn’t be a bad idea! Gap will give you more maturity, confidence, whole new energy to explore more, discover more and feel more. It’s time to rock your world, go little childish and be happy a lot more!


About Nikhat Khan

Hi! I'm Nikhat Khan. I'm a freelance writer and avid blogger. I love to write, travel and share experiences stored in my kitty. Recently, I'm learning new things and making new friends. My only mantra for happiness -"Live the Moment"

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